Mission Statement of CAAIC

The CAAIC, a non-profit organization, was founded and registered with federal government of Canada in 2017. Its mission is to provide services to following members, but not limited to, the fields such as industry, agriculture, service and commerce.
Our association is committed to work closely and effectively with China National Federation of Industry and Commerce, and its all sub-divisions at all provincial and municipal levels in cooperation and communication. We will strive to create and make best use of all potential business opportunities that should benefit both Canada and China.
We will dedicate to create more opportunities for entrepreneurs of both countries for meetings, forums, mutual studies and site visits in order to establish platforms for potential commercial exchange, trade and projects. Our goal is to establish a close tie and to promote mutual cooperation for the entrepreneurs of the two countries.


About Us

Canadian Association of Industry and Commerce is a federal not-for-profit organization. We provide ongoing support to more than 2000 members from various sectors. Canadian Association of Industry and Commerce plays an active role in business exchange between Chinese and Canadian entrepreneurs, as well as building platform for project promotion. At Canadian Association of Industry and Commerce, we emphasize the need and importance to build the Silk Road Economic Belt, planning and development, and to promote intercontinental business matchmaking. It is a great undertaking that will strengthen exchanges between both Canadian and Chinese business owners.