Members of Parliament Shaun Chen and Mary Ng Visiting China with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Followed by the statement of visiting China on Nov 27th from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Member of Parliament Shaun Chen and Member of Parliament Mary Ng hosted a news conference on Dec 1st that they are going to China with the Prime Minister.

During the news conference, both MP Shaun and MP Mary state that they are going to support educational institution by setting up a goal of attracting more talents into both City of Scarbrough and Markham by strengthening the connection between Canada and China, and that would help them recruit and connect more students from overseas.


The trip looks forward to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promoting the strategic trade agenda and tourism initiatives, creating good middle-class employment and more opportunities for the peoples in both countries. Prior to this visit, the Prime Minister also states that the establishment of closer relations means more opportunities for a regular and frank dialogue on issues such as government administration, human rights and the rule of law.


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