Services that we provide:

  • CAIC supports members who are willing to expand their businesses in China by connecting with All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and its affiliated members in different provinces and cities of China.
  • CAIC promotes projects in between industrial and commercial businesses; Cooperate and support members’ businesses by providing capitals, techniques, and management skills etc.
  • CAIC provides the latest business news in both Canada and China;
  • CAIC holds regular entrepreneur’s salons, annual meetings, cultural entertainment and tourism activities, to enhance the members’ friendship and the exchanges in business.
  • CAIC provides specialists in different fields to support members’ businesses on marketing, information, technologies, guidelines, laws, and policies.
  • CAIC arranges meetings between members and related government’s office if necessary, in order to help members to open up business opportunities.
  • CAIC establishes an all-rounded media platform to enhance members’ communication.
  • CAIC supports members’ marketing promotions.
  • CAIC provides members with the latest progress in the CAIC.